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Who Cares? CCDN does!

"Thanks to the generous support from the Holle Family Foundation, Community Care Development Network has achieved remarkable outcomes that have significantly impacted the community. We are proud to report that the Foundation's contributions have played a pivotal role in our success."- Tamika Holmes

The support provided by the Holle Family Foundation allowed CCDN to enhance their capacity to serve the community. Through the acquisition of shelves, dollies, pallets, and the procurement of food, they are able to comfortably house and distribute essential provisions. Storage capacity has increased by 50%, enabling CCDN to store and manage a wider variety of food items efficiently.

Expansions mean that the CCDN was able to serve an astounding16,000 families to date. This represents a 25% increase in the number of families supported compared to previous capacity.

"The addition of dollies and pallets has streamlined logistics operations significantly. We now have the capability to transport and distribute food with greater speed and efficiency. This has reduced wait times for our clients and allowed us to serve more families during each distribution event."

Learn more about CCDN by visiting their website at

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