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Unless U is on the move!

Updated: May 9

"We are so grateful to the Holle Family Foundation for providing the opportunity for our students to gain invaluable life experience outside the classroom. It has opened doors we have only ever dreamed of opening and impacted the lives of so many students already. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!" - Meredith Binkley

With the help of the Holle Family Foundation, Unless U was able to purchase an ADA-compliant vehicle. This vehicle has allowed them to take 18 field trips with students and participate in numerous ice cream cart events through Unless U Scoops. Examples of their field trips include visits to Samford's theater and art museum, Barber Motor Sports park, a UAB Men's Basketball practice, and Publix grocery store for our life skills classes.

"Through the Foundation's support, we have been able to serve our students in a new way, opening doors for them to engage in their community while also building valuable life and social skills outside the four walls of the classroom."

Learn more about Unless U by visiting their website at

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