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The ELITE Program

The Elite Program, an integral part of the Croom Foundation, is a powerful instrument for societal change by providing marginalized youth and teens equitable opportunities for a brighter future. Through its meticulous design, strategic partnerships, and commitment to comprehensive support, the program is not only shaping the academic landscape but also transforming lives and fostering a more inclusive society.

"Through the Holle Family Foundations support, the program allowed 10 students to go on college visits in Mississippi, Alabama and Texas. 27 students took the Federal Reserve Building in Atlanta, GA next week. A total 50 students traveled on our 11 state college tour starting end of March and lasting through July. All of our students traveling this summer were able to get outfitted with travel gear uniforms and backpacks. We were able to allow functions that also fed our students who were unable to cover the cost of their meals." - Kevin Croom

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